The world is not in your books and maps, it's out there. 

We are excited to collaborate with Wayne, discovering his passion for knives and the unique facets of his life—his love for family and adventurous spirit.

We wish for more people to explore the stories behind the knives and their creators. Knives are not mere objects; They're cherished companions holding memories and love.

February is the border between winter and spring. Let's start our adventure with tons of fun games! We've prepared many gifts for you, so let’s join us now!


 Let’s discover Wayne’s stories 


Quiz Game

Feb.2 - Feb.5

Win the special Vintage Keychain by answering knife questions!

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Three Truths And A Lie

Feb.5 - Feb.8

Win the new knife by choosing which of the facts isn’t true.

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Meme Challenge

Feb.9 - Feb.16

Win EDC pouch & Vintage Key Chain by sharing meme that only knife enthusiasts understand.

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Share your stories with family

Feb.17 - Feb.24

Share your adventure stories with us.

Gear up for your journey! Each participant can get a $5 NOW.

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