The Essential Kitchen Knives You Need

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Knives are essential pieces of kitchen equipment since you need to use them for food preparation. All kitchens should be well-stocked in order to have a better cooking experience.


With its long blade, the Chef knife is super efficient in chopping, slicing, and julienning. 8 inches is the most popular choice for the family. It is ideal for breaking down a chicken. However, the 6-inch chef's knives are easier to control, and people who prefer finer work, like chopping garlic and mincing onions will choose the 6-inch chef knife.


The Santoku knife is perfect for slicing, chopping, mincing, and dicing. Almost every family will use this knife since it is super practical. Featuring the sheepsfoot blade, the Santoku knife is efficient to deal with vegetables and meats.


A paring knife is super versatile. It can be perfectly used for chopping and slicing small vegetables and fruits. When dealing with smaller food, like strawberries, cherry tomatoes, or blackberries, its sharp blade can help you do the work with ease.


A bread knife is perfect for cutting loaves, cakes, and any baked good. The serrated blade works like a saw. Therefore, you can simply pierce the food and glide it across the cake or bread easily. The bread knife is not only used for cutting bread but also can be used for food with a tough skin but soft interior, for instance, tomatoes, watermelons, melons, and so on. If you want to cut cheese, the bread knife will be your great helper.


Simply put, the utility knife is an all-rounder. Since its outstanding performance for dealing with all the tasks, it has become a handy go-to for the everyday home cook and chef. The utility knife is usually larger than a paring knife, making it ideal for slicing onions and peeling peaches.


The boning knives enable you to cut meat away from the bones easily. Its sharp blade can also help you to remove the bones from the fish effortlessly. The sturdy and flexible blades are efficient in piercing meats and will help you make thin, precise cuts.


Cleaver knife cleaver is ideal for chopping meat, vegetables, and fruits (including pineapples and melons). Its flexible blade is also for smashing ginger, garlic, and cloves. The flat and large blade is suitable for transferring chopped food.


A slicing knife is mainly used for very big roasts and a boneless leg of lamb. The long, sharp blade will help you to maneuver and slice the meat easily and smoothly. Its flexible blade is perfectly used to cut thinner vegetables, fruits, soft terrines, pork, beef, fish, and so on.


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