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Having a pocket knife can save you a lot of time and make your life easy and happy and here are reasons why you need to have a pocket knife.




Opening Packages

When you receive a package and it’s hard to tear it open by hand, a small pocket knife will be your lifesaver! Also when you are doing recycling, the pocket knife will save you a lot of time as its sharp edge can break down the box without any effort.


Sharpen Pencils

While you couldn’t find a sharpener at home, you can use your pocket knife to shave your stubby pencil to a sharp point.



Peeling apples, potatoes, peaches, and pears is a super easy job for an EDC pocket knife as they are sharp and small enough to finish the job easily.




Cutting rope

When you are going out for a campaign and setting campsite perimeters and different kinds of crafty things, cutting rope is something you can’t avoid. A pocket knife is the perfect tool for you to do so as it’s small and handy!



Preparing bait might not be easy if you don’t have the right tool, but a small pocket knife will become handy when you use it to prepare bait as it’s sharp and can cut it small easily. Additionally, a pocket knife is the perfect tool to clean your fish.



We all have to always be prepared as there may be situations that you hope never to encounter, but there are so many life-threatening cases happening every day, that the possibility of happening to you will be zero or one hundred percent. If there is an attacker when you walk in the middle of the night, you can even use a pocket knife to defend yourself. Moreover, a pocket knife can save your life by stripping cloth to make a tourniquet bandage and cutting a caught seatbelt to escape a car accident.



When it comes to anniversaries and festivals, a high-quality EDC pocket knife is one of the most practical gifts. It can also pass down to generations and become more and more meaningful as time passes by.


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