Weighing less than 5 coins, this Small Pocket Knife for Easy Everyday Carry in 2023

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If you don’t carry the pocket knives that fit for you every time you go out, you are dancing with the devil. These days, it’s important for everyone to keep a practical pocket knife for everyday carry. To keep a low profile and make it easy to carry, the first choice for everyone is to buy a small pocket knife. In today’s day and age, it’s hard to find the best small pocket knife as some of the knives are too heavy and it will become more and more obvious when we carry it in our jeans pocket for a long time.


A good small pocket knife should be lightweight, ergonomic, and sharp as well. When you find it necessary to use it in your daily life, it should deal with your tasks without any effort. When you receive a package, you can just simply pull out the knife from the pocket and flip it open to slice through the box. When you want to prepare meals or cut an apple, small pocket knives can always help you out. Nowadays, being prepared for everyday life is necessary, and carrying a small pocket knife in your daily life is a safe bet for self-defense.


If you are looking for a small pocket knife that is slicey and allows you to keep a low profile, please check this out!


Vosteed Mini Nightshade

 ultra-lightweight knife

Key Features:           

  1. Carbon Fiber handle
  2. Reversible pocket clip
  3. Crossbar lock


  1. Blade Length 2.60"
  2. S35VN blade steel
  3. Weight 1.65 oz


The Mini Nightshade is a great EDC blade that everyone will be surprised by when they hold this little slicey knife. Featuring S35VN steel makes it super practical and has excellent performance when it comes to daily usage. It’s small but not discreet. With a 2.6-inch blade and chubby blade, it’s outstanding in slicing. The carbon fiber handle is lightweight and you can enjoy a perfect blade-to-weight ratio when carrying the knife.


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