5 Best Vosteed EDC Knives between $50 and $100

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Let's kick things off with a guessing game before we dive into this article. Can you guess which item from your everyday carry setup plays the most critical role?


1st Hint: You'll often find it snugly tucked away in people's pockets.

2nd Hint: It's small, it's portable.

3rd Hint: Incredibly versatile.


Bingo! You got it!


If you're a knife enthusiast, you've undoubtedly experienced the convenience of having a folding knife as part of your daily life. In fact, for many, it's hard to imagine life without an EDC (Everyday Carry) knife. From mundane tasks like opening packages and cutting ropes to critical situations like car accidents where a pocket knife can slice through seatbelts, it's a tool that can truly be a lifesaver. And if you're new to the world of knives, it's never too late to join the party and begin your journey by selecting your first folding knife!


In the realm of knives, you're not limited to just one option; you have a multitude of choices. When you're in the market for a knife, don't overlook the significance of the material and the reputation of the brand. While the brand isn't everything, carrying a knife from a trusted brand can provide a sense of reliability and confidence when you put it to use. Below, we've compiled a selection of our editors' choices for the best EDC knives, all falling within the price range of $59 to $100.



Blade Material: Nitro-V

Price Point: $69

 Shilin Cutter

The Nightshade's most striking feature undoubtedly lies in its leaf-shaped blade and its handle reminiscent of an eggplant. At first glance, you might find its appearance somewhat unconventional, but believe me, it's a look that will stay with you and might give you second thoughts about purchasing it initially. The Nightshade's design draws inspiration from the historic Shilin Cutter, which boasts a history spanning over a century.


Should you ever have the opportunity to handle or employ it for your day-to-day tasks, you'll be awed by its exceptional ergonomic design and remarkable versatility.



Blade Material: 14C28N

Price Point: $59

 Vosteed Raccoon

Wait, we're not talking about your typical trash can-raiding raccoon here. This Raccoon is your trusty sidekick, chilling quietly in your pocket. We've intentionally dialed in the blade length and width to a slick 3-to-1 ratio. It's all about giving you the most functional blade you can count on for everyday tasks.


With that sweet belly curve and a blade-to-handle balance that's spot-on, the Raccoon isn't just a tool; it's a pleasure to hold and work with.



Blade Material: 14C28N

Price Point: $59

 Vosteed Corgi Knife

Picture this: a charming Corgi pup, happily circling around you – irresistibly adorable, right? Well, that's precisely the vibe we had in mind when we designed the Corgi knife. It's a pocket-friendly folding knife, boasting a 2.99-inch blade that fits seamlessly into your everyday carry and delivers top-notch functionality. Plus, it complies with the blade length regulations in most states.


What sets the Corgi knife apart is our innovative Trek Lock mechanism (Patent Pending). Placed right in the middle for a sleek, symmetrical look, this knife is as balanced as a perfectly poised Corgi. You can choose to deploy it with either the front flipper or the back flipper – think of them as the Corgi's perky ears. And, to complete the picture, the pocket clip resembles its cheerful little tail, wagging happily your way!



Blade Material: N690

Price Point: $99

 Vosteed Morel Knife

The Morel, connecting the knife world with the world of wilderness exploration, is our second knife collaboration with R.S. Knifeworks. When Rob’s not making a knife in his workshop, you must find him on the hunt for Morel. The compound grind is like Rob’s iconic signature, it is not only for aesthetics but also demonstrates strength and functionality.



Vosteed Gator

Now, feast your eyes on this absolute beast! The name alone says it all. This knife is purpose-built for tackling the toughest tasks, a true powerhouse in your everyday carry arsenal. And don't let its size intimidate you; with a substantial 3.74-inch blade, it's designed to handle heavy tasks.


But here's where it gets interesting – we've engineered triple deployment options into this bad boy. You've got your front flipper, back flipper, and thumb stud. It's the perfect blend of raw power and that irresistible fidget-friendly factor.


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